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Enroll in Psychic Meditation

$325Purchase required to enroll
The Psychic Meditation Class is our foundation class, and presents tools and techniques to help you develop and become confident in your own psychic abilities. This is a class experience that gives you real, tangible, life-applicable tools to use as you begin to discern what is your energy and what isn't.

It is taught in an experiential style with a live teacher, in a mix of conversation, lecture, and guided meditation! You get to play with and try first hand the tools you are learning - with lots of time for questions, clarifications, and immediate feedback. Taking this class in a group setting with a live teacher (rather than through a recording, book, or individually) leverages everyone's questions, comments, and feedback to create a truly rich and powerful learning experience.

Whether you want to move on to the Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training, our Energy Healing Class, some of our specialty classes, or just be more empowered in your everyday life - The Psychic Meditation Class is where to begin. This class is for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and working with energy in a safe, grounded, non-judgemental environment. This meditation style is active, creative, and fun. We ask that you bring your imagination, curiosity, and sense of play!

This class begins about every 6 weeks both online and in Portland.

For more information, visit: www.portlandpsychic.school/meditation