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Meditation Classes & Workshops

These five week classes and single day workshops are for those interested in the Psychic Meditation practice as a way of going inward to explore the relationship to your own energy and the energy around you in the world. These classes are part of our Art of the Seeker : Meditation Training Program. We offer classes both in Portland and Online.

The Psychic Meditation Class $325Purchase required to enroll

The Psychic Meditation Class presents meditation tools and techniques to help you develop and become confident in your own psychic abilities. This class gives you real, tangible, life-applicable tools that are easy to work with every single day. This style of meditation is active, creative, and fun. It is taught is an experiential style with a live teacher - both in person and online! Employing a mix of conversation, lecture, and teacher-guided meditation you get to play with the tools you are learning in real time - with opportunity for questions, clarifications, and immediate feedback and dialogue about your experience.

The Planetary Healing Workshops $65 per classPurchase required to enroll

Being a Planetary Healer is about having your energy and space set in a way that helps you become a better leader, communicator, and healer. You can help create the new pictures you want to see, instead of fighting with the old energy that is leaving. The energy you bring with you wherever you go affects the outcome of events around you. The spirit of what you show up with changes the overall energy happening. If you have your space and know how to clear energy, and can see clearly, ie; become conscious of what’s real, you have a beautiful effect on the choices made by others. You become a leader with your energy first.

Relationship Workshop $65 per classPurchase required to enroll

Our relationships are the most important pathway in our growth in a lifetime. This workshop will help you look at and clear around where you may be stuck in old patterns with friends, family and/or partners so that you can be in relationships with the people you want, in the way that you want. This workshop is meant to help you reset your relationships – whether it’s with family, friends, work colleagues or partners. You create so many relationships with people in your life. Some are fleeting, some lifelong, but you probably never look at the energy of them. So quite often, you’ll be in past pictures, agreements or energies that really get in the way of seeing what you could have with a person in the present moment. That can make it really hard to move forward, especially if you’ve changed and grown and have new mockups you want to fulfill.

Archetypes of the Mystic $325Purchase required to enroll

Archetypes of the Mystic is a specialty, advanced meditation class taught by William Pacholski. It is available to any student who has taken The Psychic Meditation Class. In this unique class we build on the concepts and techniques taught in the Psychic Meditation Class and work with new, advanced tools that enable a clear, safe, experiential path inward. This class is about the end of seeking - it is all about finding. When you begin to deeply connect to your own energy and bring it forward into your experiences you begin to transform your life and bring healing to others with no effort. The focus of this class is on new psychic meditation tools, but it is also about applying them in a new and active way to the spiritual and energetic relationships you have to the different aspects of your life - specifically to relationship you have to Archtypical pictures and energies.