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Energy Healing Classes & Workshops

These extra-ordinary, five week classes or single day workshops are all about turning on your own personal healing energy as a healing to yourself and others. These classes and workshops are part of the Art of the Healer : Energy Healer Training Program, and are open to any student who has completed The Psychic Meditation Class either online or in-person.

The Energy Healing Class $325Purchase required to enroll

The Energy Healing Class is an extraordinary class. Whether you are an experienced healer or just beginning on your path of healing, this class teaches essential tools and techniques for working with and handling psychic energy in any healing setting. This extraordinary class teaches techniques to give someone else a healing without giving your energy away; but it also teaches our unique form of working with psychic energy that enables you to heal yourself while healing others. Meditation is all about going in, Healing is all about going out. In a healing, you are actively directing and changing energy in your space, in the space around you, and in someone else's space. Giving and receiving healing can be a powerful and exciting thing.

Women's Intuition & Healing Class $325Purchase required to enroll

As a women, you have our own unique anatomy, vibration and emotional makeup. In this class, learn to tune in to your ability to accept, heal, and empower yourself as a vibrant, creative spirit in a female body. This class is a wonderful validation and hello to spirit in the female form, and is offered once a semester. The Psychic Meditation Class is a pre-requisite.

The Art of Self-Healing at the Holidays $65 per classPurchase required to enroll

The holidays can be a stressful time with long travel days, staying in unfamiliar or uncomfortable spaces, and most important to a psychic, unusual demands on your attention and energy. When your energy is being pulled in so many directions - some of which you naturally resist - how can you have space for yourself and not be overwhelmed by all the energy you encounter? There is an art of having your space, especially at the holidays when old energy patterns related to family and friends resurface. There is an art to being sensitive and aware, while also having a good time and being in non-resistance with old karma and out-of-date relationships. There is an art to seeing your family and friends at this charged time of year from neutrality, and also in allowing yourself to be seen.